Pacific Phoenix TMS

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Patients Reviews

"Amazing Dr. She and her crew work very hard to make things work for the patient. They truly care about doing and being the best they can be."

Linda J.
"My depression feels like it’s gone! Team was fantastic to be with."

LaDonna C.
"Wish I could give Dr. G 10 stars! She is truly there for her patients. She was so kind, the best listener and genuinely wanted to hear your personal story and help."

Mary S.
"Everyone here is wonderful! They all made me feel welcome and comfortable during my treatments."

Traci A.
"Dr. G is an amazing physician and human being. She will work with you financially to ensure you can receive needed treatment."

K C.
"Dr. Gonzalez-Rodriguez and her team are absolutely amazing! This treatment has been a game changer for me and they are the cherries on the top!"

Lindsay G.
"The staff here really help to make each session special with their kind words and genuine empathy."

Riley J.
"The staff at Pacific Phoenix TMS are all extremely caring and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to friends and family."

Russ A.
"Dr G's TMS protocol, coupled with the staff's warm bedside manner is a recipe for success!"

Michael M.
"My anxiety is almost non existent and my depression is barely there. I feel so much lighter and happier and excited about what life has to offer me."

Micaela S.
"I would highly recommend Dr. G. , she is very passionate about what she does with TMS. She’s very understanding & explains everything to you in great detail."

Colette E.
"I'm am feeling great an am so glad I pursued this treatment. The team at PP are great and passionate in what the do."

James B.
"She’s amazing!!I love this doctor! I am so happy I found her. She spent so much time gaining insight into my history and answering all my questions."

Veronica B.
"Wonderful team! They really care about helping people."

Mike C.
"Dr. G is absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable in her practice. Everybody in her office is welcoming and Always listens to your concerns."

Stacia W.