Accelerated SAINT-based TMS Protocol Available Now

Cutting-edge, drug-free depression treatment

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Accelerated SAINT-based TMS Protocol Available Now

The SAINT-based TMS Protocol: Accelerated Treatment for Depression

Pacific Phoenix TMS now offers the very latest in drug-free treatment for depression: accelerated TMS based on the SAINT protocol. Like traditional TMS, this treatment is painless and nearly free of side effects. Unlike traditional TMS -- which is completed over a period of 6 - 12 weeks -- the SAINT-based protocol can produce results in as little as 1-2 weeks. Please see the frequently asked questions below for more information, or contact one of our convenient Vancouver, WA locations to schedule a consultation.

What Is SAINT TMS Treatment? 

The acronym SAINT stands for "Stanford Accelerated Intelligent Neuromodulation Therapy". As the name suggests, it was developed by the Stanford University School of Medicine, a global leader in TMS research. This new protocol differs from traditional Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy in two significant ways:

1) The selection of the targeted region in the patient's brain in guided by MRI imaging, and:

2) The stimulation regimen is accelerated, requiring multiple short sessions every day for five days.

What Are The Differences between the SAINT Protocol and Traditional TMS? 

The patient's experience with the accelerated SAINT treatment is the same as with traditional TMS: the patient reclines in a comfortable chair, and the psychiatrist places a coil near the patient's head. The coil contains magnets that are focused on the patient's brain. A tapping noise is heard and no pain is felt. Some patients report feeling a light tingle.

Unlike traditional TMS, where the patient receives approximately one treatment/day for 6 to 12 weeks, accelerated SAINT-based TMS can produce results in as little as 1-2 weeks. Multiple short treatments per day are required during a period of 5-7 days.

Is The SAINT Protocol Safe? 

According to the American Psychiatric Association, "the clearance of SAINT was based off multiple clinical studies that showed rapid, robust, and sustained improvements in depression symptoms." Such studies have also shown the protocol to be safe -- in fact, its use has been cleared by the FDA as a "breakthrough device". Please note that FDA clearance is not the same as FDA approval, which is generally required before commercial insurance agrees to pay for a modality of treatment.

Is SAINT-based TMS Treatment Covered by Insurance?

At this time, there are no insurance plans that cover accelerated TMS treatment, such as that prescribed by the SAINT protocol. For this reason, its cost must be covered fully in advance by the patient. 

How Much Does Accelerated TMS Treatment Cost?

A course of accelerated treatment costs $7,500 payable up front. As mentioned above, SAINT-based TMS treatment is not currently covered by insurance, so self-pay is the only available option.

How Can I Schedule A Consultation? 

To learn more about the SAINT-based TMS protocol or see if it may be right for you, please contact one of our convenient Vancouver, WA locations. We'll be happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment with Dr. Gonzalez-Rodriguez.